Spring Cleaning

by Ashley Gianna

Revamp Your  Wardrobe With Season Essentials


Fashion week is behind us, and the snow is FINALLY going to stop (we will pretend it’s not snowing right now). Spring is here, and we have nothing but sun and warmth ahead (minus those April showers…but hey, the glass is half full)!

We want YOU to feel light and happy and spectacularly dressed this season. Here is our quick and easy guide to help you weed out the unwanted articles in your wardrobe, and replace them with our favorite must have staples for spring and summer!    

Weeding your Wardrobe

Ashley’s Tips:

1. Do it in strides: If the thought of cleaning out your closet gives you a minor anxiety attack, you need a plan of attack. Give yourself a week, and every day you can tackle a different section.

2. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s time to say goodbye: I know it is much easier said than done, but once it’s gone, you will feel so much better. If you have a sentimental attachment to everything you attempt to put in the discard pile, it may be helpful to have a friend with you to reinforce the fact that wearing that tunic is the equivalent of breaking out the tech vest from that 7th grade school picture that will live in infamy (yes, I am speaking from experience).

3. Keep the essentials: Nude and black pumps, navy and black pants, blue, black, and white jeans, and your khaki pencil skirt…all of these things are the foundations to fashion.

Gianna’s Tips:

4. Organize your accessories: The transition from winter to spring can be rough…especially when it’s 60 degrees one day and snowing the next. This doesn’t help when you are trying to keep your things in order, especially your accessories. Take the time to untangle and put everything in order now, and spring will be a breeze! 

5.  “Everything You Own in Box to the Left”: And by that I mean put all of your winter/fall items in the back of your closet. You will not need your wool or cashmere when temps go above 70 (thank goodness!). It’s time to bring your spring dresses and ballet flats front and center!

6. Dry clean that pile clothes you’ve been collecting: Spring is the time to start fresh. Sending your dirty clothes to the dry cleaners is a great step toward a sparkling clean season.

Springtime Staples

Ashley’s Favorites:

1. FLOWERS: Floral prints are fantastic this season, and you can wear them however makes you happy.  From dresses with daisies, tops with tulips, and pumps with pansies, the floral trend is growing this season and you don’t even have to add water.

Pantone Spring 2015 Colors

Pantone Spring 2015 Colors

2. COLOR: Pops of color are so appropriate this season. Whether you want to do it with your patent leather purse or your periwinkle pencil skirt.

3. THE DUSTER: The boho feminine duster can enhance any ensemble.

Gianna’s Favorites:

4.  THE SKORT: The best combination of dressy and casual for any day.

5. STRIPES: Classic, timeless, and appropriate every season. Be sure to keep your stripes (both big and small) in close reach and even maybe shop more stripped pieces…they are everywhere this spring!

6. ESPADRILLES: My absolute favorite shoe right now! Designers from Tory Burch to Chanel have done the adorable espadrilles this season! They were all over the runway in countless colors and materials…you cannot go wrong.